February 2, 2023

Slack Message Migration

Slack message migration

  • Today, we're releasing a Slack message shortcut that allows you to import any message or thread into an existing FireHydrant incident. This will help ensure that FireHydrant has a complete conversation record about a given incident and notify users that their messages have been imported into an incident channel so they can join the action easily. Any message can be imported by clicking More message shortcuts... in Slack and then searching for Add message to incident.

Bugs and Fixes

  • Enforcing creating a single retrospective for incidents: We've updated creating retrospectives to ensure that only one would ever be created. Specific scenarios would lead to multiple retrospectives, and with no way to switch between them in the UI, we were inconsistently showing data.
  • Enable sending retrospectives to teams: We've added functionality to sharing retrospectives to send a report to an entire team at publishing time. This should reduce the number of selections made at publish time.
  • Double-creating services: We fixed a bug that led to creating services twice when manually creating them in the web UI.
  • Deleting attached alerts: We fixed a bug that was not allowing linked alerts to be removed from an incident.
  • Hiding options to open incidents in Slack automatically: If you have required fields for declaring incidents, opening incidents directly from our Slack alert prompt could lead to a situation where the incident was opened without those required fields. If you are in that specific situation, we'll now hide the button to open the incident automatically and will prompt you to open it using the declaration form.
  • Add a warning message when an incident type is missing a required field: When selecting an incident type that is missing a given required field, we'll show you which field is missing and prompt you to complete it before declaring your incident.

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