July 1, 2019

Severity Matrix + FH New command

Anyone in Slack can open incidents now

Sometimes there isn't an alert. Instead you have the town locals knocking on your door with pitchforks. The best detection you have sometimes is your own team, because of that, now anyone can run /firehydrant new in Slack to kick off an incident.

Let us handle the severity for you

Who has time to pick the severity when opening an incident? We're also happy to go into the matrix, severity matrix that is. Customize your severity levels and pick the conditions that set them when an incident is opened. Less time deciphering a severity, more time putting out a fire.


We're also announcing our Beta Jira integration today as well! Whenever you create incidents and action items in FireHydrant, we'll send them to Jira as well so you can track it in everyone's favorite cloud hosted todo list.

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