May 17, 2022

Retrospective Updates and Operational Readiness templates

Retrospective Changes The design of retrospectives didn't lead users to fill out their data as they completed a retrospective correctly. The retrospective PDF displays the incident description and customer impact at the top left of the page and is usually the first thing that someone will read when looking at it. However, to edit those fields in a retro, you had to click an overflow menu to get to the form fields. We've changed the layout to ensure that these two fields display prominently at the top of the retro.

Operational Readiness Templates When it comes to defining a Readiness Checklist, organizations are looking for recommendations on how to get started on building their first checklist.

FireHydrant has built two template checklists for users to get started: Production Readiness Checklist & Security Compliance Checklist. Each list is a starting point for organizations to apply service standards during creation.

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