May 21, 2024

Rerun Any Runbook Step, More Milestone and Severity Conditions, Reordering Severities, and more!

Rerun Any Runbook Step

Rerun Any Runbook Step

Following up last week's Runbook improvements, this week we're enabling the capability to rerun any Runbook step (not just failed or repeating ones!) for all users.

Steps that can be executed multiple times (e.g., notifying chat channels, email steps, incident update steps, and more) will now present a "Run step again" button that you can execute at any time ad-hoc.

Note that this button will not be present for steps that are single-execution only (e.g., creating an incident channel, assigning a team, etc.). Those will only present "Rerun" buttons if they have failed to execute.

Milestone and Severity Movements Up or Down

Severity and Milestone Forward/Backward Conditions

Also hot on the tail of last week's Runbook conditions improvements, we've added some additional pieces for Milestones and Severities.

Severities now have explicit conditions for "escalates" and "de-escalates", allowing you to automate Runbook steps based on the severity going up or down. We've also added "moves forward" and "moves backward" conditions for Milestone changes, allowing you to automate based on an incident progressing or regressing in progress towards resolution.

Reorder Your Severities

Reordering Severities GIF

Severities can now be reordered - instead of having to go through and rename the existing order to what you want, you can simply move severities up and down in the order you desire.

Reordering these will affect the order they are displayed to users on all interfaces, from the web UI, to your chat bot's declaration screen, and more.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • 💅 The Runbooks conditions were revamped and are now visually cleaner and allow for searching!
  • 💅 We've introduced a Transposer for Pingdom, allowing FireHydrant to support ingesting Events from Pingdom out-of-box for alerting with FireHydrant Signals
  • 💅 Custom fields are now also included when exporting a CSV of incidents on the Incidents page
  • 💅 We've added a link to Jira field mapping documentation on the Jira project configuration page to better help users understand why they may not be seeing issue types selectable for incidents or follow-ups
  • 🐛 We fixed a bug where opening a Runbook in a new tab would close that tab immediately
  • 🐛 The "Action button" field for "Notify Slack incident channel with custom message" step should be optional, but users who hadn't updated the step since we introduced that field were running into problems saving changes. This has been fixed
  • 🐛 Several typos in the Slack bot help command were corrected
  • 🐛 We fixed an issue where (re-)authorizing Slack would overwrite existing Slack steps in Runbooks
  • 💥 We've removed the in-app notifications (the little bell icon + dropdown at the top). It was limited in functionality, saw low interaction, and provided little value for our users, so we've opted to remove it

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