December 9, 2021

Private incidents and more

Feature - You can now create private incidents (beta) in FireHydrant. This is a great solution for security and compliance teams who need to collaborate with their engineering counterparts to resolve incidents. Learn more here. Feature - Added the ability to edit service catalog when using the /fh update command. Feature - Runbooks now display the user name and time of when it was last modified. Feature - Service catalog details can now be edited from the slack command /fh update. Feature - Roles can now be assigned after an incident is resolved, either from Slack or the UI. This is especially useful if you want to assign incident retrospective roles. Feature - New Incident Runbook View. Now you can easily access all executed Runbooks and dive deeper on each step. Feature - Services now include the power of incident analytics. Service owners can now get a quick overview of the reliability of their services over the past month Bug - Use of "Internal Status Page" is now consistent in both Slack and the UI. Before this fix, Slack showed "Private Status Page". Bug - Action items will always keep assignee info- even after they are marked 'done'. Bug - The naming of all teams is now unique. Duplicate teams names will be validated and prevented when trying to save.

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