September 19, 2022

New Liquid Variables, Saved Views, and Coming Soon: Local Time Display

Add common fields as top level liquid variable throughout runbooks

  • Users now have access to ticket, number, severity, and priority, and some other fields at the top level. Prior to this change those fields were nested and required users to dig through the incident's data in Runbooks. This means instead of typing {{ incident.incident_tickets.first.attachments.first.display_text }} the field is available as {{ incident.ticket }} for example.

Local time display to launch 22 Sep 2022

  • Many of you have expressed a preference for displaying times in your local timezone to prevent having to mentally convert to UTC. In response, on Thursday 22 September at 7:30am Pacific Time, FireHydrant will be changing the default timezone display to match a user’s machine time. This will not impact how datetime stamps are stored, which will remain in UTC. Enterprise customer organizations who prefer to remain on UTC should reach out to their CSMs to opt out.

Saved Views for Service Catalog

  • Users now have the ability to save views based on filter conditions for their Service Catalog Overview. This allows for users to efficiently view and get to the services they care about most with one click. We have also introduced multi-select filtering capabilities and the ability to filter based on Functionalities and Responding Teams.

Auto-Add Responding Team to Incident Channel - Beta As part of this beta, any time a Service or Functionality is added to an incident, we will automatically add the Responding Team Members to the slack Incident Channel if members have slack enabled. To be added to the beta program, reach out to your CSM for access.

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