May 24, 2022

Major Slack Updates + Webex Integration

Feature - Paid plan users can now automate Webex bridge creation through a new Webex integration Feature - Improved API for faster lookup of services from your service catalog Feature - Managing Runbook Editing Permissions on Owning Team - Users can now add Owning Teams to Runbooks to prevent edits from members outside their teams. Users with an Owner role will still have global editing permissions to avoid lockout Feature - Operational Readiness Templates available to quickly create service standards

Feature - Slack Improvments

  1. Contextual buttons added to the Slack message to easily kick off a FireHydrant incident
  2. Severity Description - When you choose a severity inside of Slack, we will update the help text under the field to include the severity description.
  3. Fallback text for notifications - no more “this content cannot be displayed”
  4. ‘/fh assign team’ - Assign Team Command opens detailed modal
  5. ‘/fh start retro` command - Running this command will open a modal that will allow for an update of the incident metadata while kicking off a retrospective.

Feature - Team Assignment Updates

  1. Filter incidents by assigned team using the API
  2. Metrics on a team basis - We can now allow for filtering analytics data based on a team being assigned to an incident

Bug Fixed - Updating an incident’s impact will no longer post empty messages to Slack when there were no changes

Notice Retrospective Layout Updated to display incident description and customer impact prominently at the top of the retro

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