September 7, 2022

Incident Management Timeline updates and Slack Message fixes

Timeline View Enhancements

  • All users will notice a redesigned incident view. Now it’s easier to see the relevant information from timelines: milestones are more visible while less relevant information is less prominent.

Add context to Task update messages in Slack

  • This patch seeks to provide clarity as to what actually changes with a task when it's updated. Our previous message did not let you know what actually changed, and it was be difficult to find that out. This will add additional context to the task update message.

Ability to support liquid formatting in Team Channel field

  • Previously the liquid templating in the comma separated Team Channel field of the notify channel step was not supported. Adding this functionality addresses a need for dynamically messaging a channel based on different values in the payload. We were already allowing the use of liquid templates for the message field in the "Notify channel with a custom message" runbook step, but not in the "Comma separated channels" field.

Opening incident from alert with modifications now links alert to incident

  • When you click Yes, open, the incident automatically kicks off with the alert attached. But if you select Yes, open & edit, the incident did not open with that ticket attached, and actually creates a new PagerDuty incident. We are now linking a PagerDuty alert when creating a new incident from the alert with modifications.

Fix an issue preventing certain milestone update messages in Slack

  • Normally, when an incident is resolved and that incident has a Slack channel, we'll post our "milestone update" message as a threaded reply to that Slack channel's pinned status message (e.g. "This incident has transitioned from Mitigated to Resolved"). We got a bug report about this behavior not working wWhen a link alert resolved an incident the incident is resolved via a linked alert. For example, if an incident on FireHydrant was opened via or linked to an alert on PagerDuty, resolving that PagerDuty alert will subsequently resolve the incident on FireHydrant, but with no message being posted to the incident's Slack Channel.

/fh page service post an ephemeral message

  • Previously, running /fh page service posted a message that anybody in the channel could see and interact with. This can be incredibly annoying for the person trying to run the command if somebody else comes in and ends up selecting something without realizing that they are stepping on OP's toes. The message is now ephemeral. Selecting a pageable service results in it being paged as normal, with the notification message also being ephemeral.

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