January 23, 2023

Followup Priorities

Follow up priorities

  • This new field on follow up tickets will help your team prioritize items coming out of your incident and retrospective to understand what needs to be worked on now and what can wait until later. Priorities can be customized to fit your teams specific naming conventions and we are enabling the priority field with five default values. Priorities can be renamed and reordered to fit your teams needs. All followups will be shown in sorted priority order on your incidents and retrospectives and priority can be field mapped to any third party ticketing provider. Please talk to your CSM to have priorities enabled for your organization.

Support for EU PagerDuty instances

  • We've added support for custom domains in our PagerDuty configuration so if you are using an EU instance of PagerDuty, FireHydrant will be able to fully support you.

Bugs and Fixes

  • Ticketing Settings: To go along with our release of priorities on follow ups, we have consolidated priority configuration, template values, and default projects to their own configuration page called Ticketing Settings.
  • Resolution time filtering in API: We've updated filtering parameters in our API to include searching for incidents by resolution time. This is available by including resolved_at_or_after in your parameters
  • Logout bug fix: We fixed a bug that was leading to an error page when users logged out.

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