July 25, 2023

Create your own Slack commands to run Webhooks

Create your own Slack commands to run Webhooks Are there key actions that your team needs to be able to take in other systems when responding to an incident? With our new webhook integration, you can build custom Slack commands for the FireHydrant bot that will call an external service via a webhook that you configure. You can use it to restart services, retrieve information about a current deployment, or just about anything you can dream up and build or connect via webhooks. To try it out check out our docs page for creating webhooks and Slack command extensions or even our example GitHub repo.


This new feature is experimental, and we welcome any feedback you have! Send us an email to support@firehydrant.com with your thoughts.

Bugs and Fixes

  • 🎨 We updated our system emails to match our new UI design.
  • 🎨 We updated the sidebar of the command center to be easier to reduce clutter.
  • 🎨 We updated the design of our tasks and follow-ups to make it easy to understand and take a next step for each.
  • 🔨 We updated the milestone quick filters to use a more legible name.

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