August 1, 2022

Command Center Refresh, Functionalities Refresh, and New Default Incident Types

  • Command Center has a refreshed look.
    • A new, cleaner interface for managing incidents is available today for all users and can be accessed in the Command Center UI by enabling "New Command Center" in the banner at the top of the page.
    • More easily navigate the timeline of events in your incident while easily accessing all of the metadata associated with the incident.
    • Services, Functionalities, and Environments now link to their pages in the command center to quickly navigate to their homepages.
  • Functionalities Overview got a refresh as well.
    • With the latest features added to Functionalities, we cleaned up the overview to better showcase their new owning teams, impact status, and when they were last updated. These new display fields can be filtered on via the overview page. In addition, you can set labels and filter on them across your functionalities.
    • On a Functionality’s details page, you can click any label assigned. This will redirect you to the overview page and filter on that key:value pair to display all functionalities using these same values.
  • Prepopulate new accounts with default incident types
    • When new accounts are created in FireHydrant, they will now come with incident types defined by our customer base. We’ve started with the seven most common incident types we’ve seen here at FireHydrant to ensure you can get up and running with FireHydrant as quickly as possible.
  • Updated suggestion messages in Slack
    • When a service is attached to an incident, we will now display associated teams and functionalities to that service directly in Slack to quickly get the right people and data associated with your incident. We’ve also applied the same treatment to functionalities. Based on the work to update functionalities with associated teams, we can now show team and service relationships to functionalities inline in Slack when they are added to your incident.
  • Fixes and Enhancements
    • 🔥 🚀 🌟 Emojis 😱are now supported in the incident timeline from Slack events.
    • Bugfix The Slack channel incorrectly displayed incident tickets.
    • Bugfix When a user navigates away from the timeline tab and comes back, sometimes it fails to fetch.

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