September 12, 2022

Brand new Services & Functionalities Import Flow and @-Mentions in Runbooks Steps

Improved Service & Functionalities Import Flow

  • We built a more seamless experience to showcase all integrations that allow imports, explicit prerequisites on how to get started, and better selection capabilities. Now when you setup an integration and start the import process, you have the ability to quickly import all third party services as new FireHydrant services in one click. Additionally, this will automatically link FireHydrant services to those third party services on import. To get started visit the Services page, click ,Add Service, and select Import from third party.

Ability to mention users in Runbook steps

  • Now, you can manually @ users or use the field slack_user_id as liquid code while configuring a Runbook step. For example, using Hi, @slack_handle in a Runstep that posts to a custom message to a Slack channel would behave similar to if a user had directly posted to Slack. Another example would be to run Hi, <@{{incident.role_assignments.first.user.slack_user_id}}> to auto populate the handle with the user of the first role assignment.

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