January 17, 2023

Automated Status Page Updates and Organization-wide Ticket Templates

Automated Status Page Updates

  • Using the runbook step "Update Incident Details", users can now add automated udpates to their status pages on regular cadences, further reducing the toil associated with resolving incidents. Try it out now by editing or adding an Update Incident Details runbook step and adding status pages to the Status Pages field.

Organization-Wide Ticket Templates

  • For all users in your organization, you can now add ticket templates for any follow-ups that are added to an incident. Importantly, templates can include liquid templating so important information about the incident can be automatically added to all of your follow-up tickets. Try it out now by editing your organization setting

Bugs and Fixes

  • Alignment Fixes: We shipped some changes to the layouts of several of our most common pages.
  • Alias Add Tags: We shipped a change to the /fh add tags commands that drops users into the tag editing portion of the update incident form, uniying their experience across all updates.

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