January 24, 2023


Modern engineering teams have spoken: not only do they want to streamline and learn from incidents, they want to actually use them to improve reliability. Moreover, as economic winds change, teams want to understand the impact of their investment in incident management. To close that loop, they need a path to understanding incidents across time, infrastructure, milestones, and teams. Those insights are now generally available for FireHydrant Enterprise customers. Our upgraded Analytics dashboard makes it easier to understand at a glance how incidents affect your systems and your people, allowing you to drive toward true reliability improvements.

In addition to the updated dashboard, we’ve also made it easier to export visualized and raw data to share your incident management performance with leaders and other teams. Combined, these features allow teams to understand and share data about incident management programs in a way that was previously impossible in any tool without cumbersome data analysis and business intelligence work. For the first time, teams can instantly visualize incident impact by service, functionality, and teams without stitching together data from disparate sources, piping it into a BI tool, and manually building out queries and charts.

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