March 12, 2021

A new Runbook step, incident data exports, and more!

Feature - We updated the onboarding experience for new accounts Feature - Using incident updates will now always post to the internal status page for an incident whether on Slack or the UI Feature - Added the ability to search in all runbook step configuration dropdowns Feature - You can now export incident data based on the current filter view as a CSV Feature - We added a new runbook step to assign a role in your incident. This can be assigned from a FireHydrant user, a user from an Opegenie or PagerDuty schedule, or the person who opened the incident

Bug - Fixed a bug where the analytics filter didn't stay in the header on scrolling Bug - Fixed a bug where infrastructure was not available to search in the condition UI Bug - Fixed a bug where starred events were not populating fully on page load Bug - Fixed a bug where incidents were still showing on status pages after they were archived Bug - Fixed a bug where password complexity requirements were not shown on the accept invitation page Bug - Fixed a bug where services were not correctly attaching to an incident if they were included on a linked Opsgenie alert

Change - Moved the bot users page to the Organization tab in the navigation

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