Markdown Support

You can use Markdown formatting to write structured content with FireHydrant. We support basic Markdown synta with some specific limits on which tags are supported. Here's a quick rundown of which tags are supported and the syntax you can use to create them.

Tag Markdown Syntax
Bold/Strong **bold** or __bold__
Italic/Emphasis *italic* or _italic_
Italic/Emphasis *italic* or _italic_
Link [Display Text](
Unordered List - Item 
- Item
Ordered List 1. Item 
2. Item
Pull Quote > Text
Inline Code `code`
Code Block ```
Horizontal Rule --- or ***
Images ![Alt Text]( "Description")
Tables* | Food | Type |
| ----------- | ----------- |
| Apple | Fruit |
| Carrot | Vegetable |

*Tables are not currently supported in comments in FireHydrant and will be shipping soon for all other fields.

Last updated on 3/28/2023