Task Management in Slack

At FireHydrant, tasks are the actions that responders take during the course of an incident to triage and mitigate. In your organization you may have lists of these tasks in playbooks or runbook documents. This article describes how to keep track of and manage your tasks in Slack. 


Adding a task in Slack

You can add tasks during an incident directly from Slack by running:

/firehydrant add task 

A modal opens, providing fields for a summary, Description (optional), the state of the action item ( Open , In progress , Canceled , or Done ), and the Assignee. 

How to add a task list in Slack

You can add a task list during an incident directly from Slack by running:

/firehydrant add task-list


View and Manage Tasks in Slack

The following Slack commands open a modal that allows you to not just view but also edit task details, move it to another state, or reassign it. 

/fh tasks

This modal allows you to filter on multiple facets

  • Assigned user
  • Task state
  • Task List
  • Unassigned tasks

Additionally, you can quickly assign and change the state of tasks from this modal as well. Task_Modal.png

Last updated on 3/28/2023