Paging with FireHydrant's bot for Slack

Sometimes you may want to page a team member directly from Slack. For example, you may want to bring them into an existing incident so they can help triage.

With FireHydrant's integration for Slack, you can page third party services, and their policies, with a simple command. To use this command, you must connect FireHydrant services to the services in your third party tool.

The third party tools we support are: PagerDuty, Opsgenie, and VictorOps.

Please visit the Integrations tab to install an integration. To learn more about setting up an integration above, visit the docs page corresponding to the integration you'd like to set up under Integration Guides on the left.

Page Service Command

Once you have your integration set up, you'll need to link third party services to the appropriate service in FireHydrant for the paging command to work.

Visit a service in your Service Catalog and click Edit Service. Scroll down to the Integration Links section to connect this service to your third party service and its policy. To learn more click here.

Once saved, you can visit Slack and run the /firehydrant page service command. This will populate a dropdown list of FireHydrant services. Only services that have a connection set up will show in the dropdown. Selecting a FireHydrant service will page the third party service connected in the above previous step.


You cannot include an incident title when using the dropdown functionality for a new alert. When this Slack command is used in an incident channel, the channel name will be passed in the alert title and the body will include who is requesting assistance.

Last updated on 3/28/2023