Linking PagerDuty incidents to FireHydrant incidents

If you've configured PagerDuty and linked services or environments to FireHydrant, you now have the ability to open an incident on FireHydrant that is tied to an incident in PagerDuty. 

Note: Originally, in PagerDuty, an alert was the same as an incident. More recently, they began to differentiate between alerts vs. incidents, but on FireHydrant, we refer to alerts as synonymous with PagerDuty Incidents.

Selecting and linking PagerDuty alerts 

If you open an incident in the FireHydrant UI when PagerDuty incidents are currently open or acknowledged, those active PagerDuty incidents (or, as shown below in the FireHydrant UI, "alerts") are visible in the Declare an incident page. 

To link alerts with the incident you just opened:

  1. In the Additional details section of the page, scroll down to locate the section titled Associate alerts with this incident
  2. Select the check box for the alert(s) you want associated with the incident.
  3. After filling out the other fields on the page to provide necessary details, click Declare incident. The alert(s) you selected will track all acknowledged and resolved states that come from PagerDuty. This means that when you mark an incident as resolved in PagerDuty, it will automatically be marked as resolved in FireHydrant.

Note: When you tie alerts to incidents, any infrastructure in FireHydrant that is linked to the alert will automatically be assigned to the incident as well.

Linked alert details

The details page for the incident shows linked alerts in the External resources section (under the Overview tab, at the bottom of the page). In this section, you can click the name of an alert to view the original alert in PagerDuty.

Marking alerts as primary

The External resources section includes a Primary checkbox for each linked alert. If you select this box to set the alert as Primary , it tracks the incident states in FireHydrant. If you don't want a FireHydrant incident to be automatically resolved when the linked PagerDuty alert is resolved, uncheck this box.

Last updated on 3/28/2023