Integrating with Google Meet

Installing the Google Meet integration enables you to create Google Meet meeting rooms based on a specific Runbook step. Let's dive in to configuring the Meet integration and setting it to create a bridge for your incident.

Note: You must be a GSuite member for the Google Meet integration to work properly. This integration does not work with Google Hangouts.

Installing the Google Meet integration

Go to FireHydrant's Integrations page to get started. From there, click the Google Meet integration card.


On the next page, click Setup Google Meet. You're all set! Google relies on its own internal authorization to route you to the proper authenticated meeting room.

Note: In order to join the Google Meet, users must have email addresses that were assigned under your company's team-managed Google account.

Adding Google Meet to Runbooks

After you have enabled the Meet integration, you can add it to a Runbook for automation. Create a new Runbook here, or edit an existing Runbook that you have already configured. Find the Runbook where you want to add Google Meet and click the Edit icon in the upper-right corner of the page. From the list of Available Steps , find Google Meet and click Add. This opens the configuration panel for the Google Meet step.


The meeting topic is Liquid enabled, so you can programmatically name it based on the incident details.

When you open an incident, the Google Meet link will be available in both the FIreHydrant UI and in Slack:



You can create as many meetings per incident as you like; they will all be captured and available to join.

Last updated on 12/6/2023