Enabling JIRA Cloud ticket attribution with account linking

To link the reporter to the person who created an action item, FireHydrant needs explicit permission to create tickets in Jira Cloud with the proper reporter. This article explains how to create the linkage.

Note: This must be done for each user who wants to associate their FireHydrant user account with their Jira user account. Users who do not link Jira in this way can still create action items, but Jira will not show unlinked users as reporters. Instead, Jira shows the user who originally set up the Jira/FireHydrant integration as the user reporting the issue. This operation is distinct from the global Jira connection authorization performed by the person/account who configured the Jira integration.

To link a FireHydrant user as a reporter in Jira:

  1. Go to https://app.firehydrant.io/account/edit and find the section for OAuth2 Authorizations.
  2. Click Authorize in the Jira Cloud row. The next page that opens gives you the option to let FireHydrant to access your Atlassian account.
    After you click Accept , FireHydrant can correctly associate action items and tickets that you have created with your user ID in Jira Cloud.

Last updated on 3/23/2023