Configuring Confluence Cloud

FireHydrant can export incident retrospectives to Confluence, and you can flexibly configure the templated information that is posted over to Confluence.


  • User must be logged in as an Owner in FireHydrant.
  • User must be logged in as an Administrator in Atlassian/Confluence Cloud.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations list > Confluence.
  2. Click setup and authorizing the OAuth2 application.
  3. From there you will be able to specify which Space you would like FireHydrant to use.
Confluence space selection
Confluence space selection

Note: FireHydrant currently supports one target Atlassian org and one space within that org for Confluence. If you require multiple spaces or orgs, please submit this feedback to support.

Next Steps

Now you're ready to set up a Runbook step to export incident data to Confluence.

Last updated on 12/1/2023