Getting help

Support at FireHydrant

FireHydrant provides ticketing support for all customers. This is the best way to submit bug notifications, product questions, and feature requests, and feedback.

Contacting supportĀ 

Support requests can be made via email or Zendesk form.Ā  FireHydrant doesn't offer incoming phone support, Slack or live chat at this time. Please work with our support team via our contact form to discuss your needs.Ā 

Bugs or general product questions

Contact FireHydrant support via this contact form for bug reports or general product questions.

Feature requests

For feature requests, please use this request form.

Ticket submission guidanceĀ 

When creating a ticket via the contact form, please select the appropriate Request Type.

Bug ticket guidance

When creating a ticket, it is important that we have the following information.Ā  These steps will ensure that our technical team has the necessary information to reproduce the issue and provide solutions in a timely manner.

  • When reporting a bug: comprehensive written reproduction steps, screenshots and when possible, a screen recording of the issue

    • Videos provide FireHydrant additional context about the issue
  • Your browser version

  • A link to the incident or page you're referencing

Feature request ticket guidance

We welcome suggestions for feature enhancements and requests.Ā  As part of the product prioritization process, we consolidate requests across multiple customers, with the goal of addressing underlying customer needs.

To help us best understand your request, please include the following:

  • Problem to be solved (not the solution)

  • How critical is this to your org, for example:

    • Is it blocking or otherwise negatively impacting critical business activities?
    • How often do you encounter the problem?
  • Details about your operating environment that would inform the solution

Ticket Priority Guidance


Time-critical functionality of the FireHydrant platform is unavailable due to FireHydrant act or omission, and workarounds are not possible; security incidents.


Time-critical functionality of the FireHydrant platform is degraded in performance due to FireHydrant act or omission; or time-critical functionality of the platform is unavailable, but a workaround is possible.


Unavailability or degraded performance of non-time-critical FireHydrant platform functionality


General information or feature requests; minor bugs

FireHydrant support hours

Our team is currently based in the US and works Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PST.

Weekends and holidays

FireHydrant doesn't currently offer support on the weekends for general product questions. However, we have systems and processes in place in case of any emergencies, like outages or service interruptions.

You may experience longer wait times for a reply during holiday periods, but we always monitor our support channels for emergencies.

Response times

We triage all incoming support requests and prioritize conversations with any blockers or urgent issues in accordance with our SLAs. In general, we aim to respond to all requests within one business day.

Last updated on 3/28/2023