Updating an incident using a Runbook step

FireHydrant can make changes to an incident in a single runbook step.

Add an 'Incident Impact' Runbook step

To set up the Runbook step, select the Update Incident Details step from the dropdown on the Edit Runbook page.

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The milestone field allows you to move an incident through various milestone states, including acknowledged, investigating, identified, or resolved. For example, you can automatically set an incident to be mitigated if there hasn't been any updates in 48 hours.


The severity field allows you to automatically escalate or deescalate the severity of an incident. This could be based on a set of impact or a certain duration of an incident.


The priority field works similarly to the severity field.


The tags field allows you to add any preexisting tag to an incident. New tags will append to the pre-existing set of tags.


The new labels field allows you to add labels to an incident as key value pairs. Input labels into the text field in the format "key=value", and each new line will be evaluated as a separate label. The labels field is also Liquid enabled, which allows for additional flexibility based on derived incident data. Labels will append to the pre-existing set of labels on the incident. image_2.png

Description and Customer Impact

You can also update the description and customer impact of an incident in this step. Changes made to the description and customer impact sections will  overwrite existing data. In order to append data to the description you should use {{ incident.description }} to reference the original text.


Notes allow you to post automatic status page updates as part of detail changes or as standalone updates to status pages. By default, these notes will be included on the internal incident status page. You can also select the status pages that you'd like the note to be automatically included on. If there is a pre-existing incident on a given status page, the note will be posted to that specific incident. If no matching incident is found, no new incident will be created and the note will not be posted.

Last updated on 9/15/2023