Required Fields for incident Declaration


To enable Required Fields , the configuration options will appear in your organization settings at


From here, you’ll see checkboxes to select which fields are required during incident declaration

Saving this form will enforce global validation for the selected fields across all incident declaration methods.

Required field usage

Let’s take a look at a couple different scenarios with the ‘description’ field set as required.

Web UI

When trying to declare an incident through the web UI, you’ll see an error after submission informing a user that the Description field is required.

Required Fields


When declaring an incident through Slack the description field is marked as required, which won’t allow you to submit the form without a value in that field.



Making an API request to open an incident will return this error message in the response 

{"detail":"","messages":["description Must be set"],"meta":{}}%

Some additional information about the specific field types.

  1. Severity
    1. If severity is required, a user must select a severity other than UNSET before opening the incident. image2.png

Last updated on 3/28/2023