Importing from your Alerting tool

If you have configured PagerDuty or Opsgenie integration with your FireHydrant organization, you can import services from those tools into FireHydrant and link them together. When you link other alerting services to FireHydrant, those services are automatically added to your incidents. 

Importing Services

To create a service in FireHydrant:

In the left nav, click Service Catalog > Services. On the main Services page, click + Create service.

On this page, select your alerting tool from the source dropdown. Remember, you must already have configured integration of these tools for them to appear as source options.


FireHydrant loads the services from the source you specified and makes them available for import. (If you have issues at this point during the import process, verify that your API key is correct.)

In the Available To Import section, select the checkbox for the service(s) you want to import. Using the dropdown menu, indicate whether you want to import each service as new or link it to an existing service.


Click Start Import to import the service. After your import is complete, the page shows import results, listing the Name and Remote ID of the service(s) you imported or linked. 


If you are using services that should be linked to a FireHydrant environment, you can link them using the same method. In the left nav, click Infrastructure > Environments. Click Link and import to start the process. Follow the steps listed above to link or import services to environments.

Last updated on 3/28/2023