Creating a Bot User

FireHydrant allows you to access our API with a bot user (e.g. an API token). A bot user is a separate entity in your organization that can perform actions just as other users can. Bot users can interact with the FireHydrant API using token based authentication; any action called by a bot user is authenticated with a token.

Creating the bot user

  1. In the left nav, click Organization > Bot users.
  2. Click + Create bot user. The next page provides fields for a name and description of the bot; these fields are for your reference and do not impact how the API is used.
  3. Provide the name and description and click Save. You will be redirected back to the bot users page, where your token is displayed. Bot User token

Note: This token will only be displayed once.

  1. Copy the bot token and record it somewhere safe, as it grants access to the FireHydrant API on behalf of your organization.

Last updated on 9/15/2023