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Bluecore used FireHydrant to get incidents resolved fast during the busiest shopping season of the year

Bluecore manages a lot of sensitive customer data for their retail customers, and with it comes tight SLAs where they need to disclose availability to their customers. Learn how they used FireHydrant to streamline their incident management processes.


Bluecore is an AI-driven marketing platform that uses predictive intelligence to trigger, prioritize, and personalize retail marketing. Today, Bluecore helps companies increase marketing revenue, customer retention, lifetime value, and overall speed to execution for more than 400 brands, including Express, Nike, Sephora, Jockey, Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, and more.


Supporting the world’s top brands comes with managing a lot of sensitive customer data and tight SLAs to disclose availability to their customers. Now imagine working in these tight SLAs on some of the busiest shopping days of the year such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Bluecore was growing rapidly and they knew they needed an incident management process that eliminated as much toil as possible in order to take on those high volume days and keep their brand integrity.


Bluecore implemented FireHydrant Runbooks which allowed them to fully automate their incident response process and save their engineers around 30-90 minutes of time spent on manual tasks per incident. After implementing their fully customized runbooks, they needed to ensure this process could withstand the upcoming holiday shopping season. The Bluecore team ran 10 test FireDrills (or game days) to simulate the high volume traffic and put their process to the test. Throughout this testing process, using FireHydrant, they were able to implement fixes before they could happen in real-time.


By putting their new automated incident response process to the test, using FireHydrant, the team fixed issues before they happened in real life which led to 0 downtime during Cyber Week, their busiest and highest volume time of the year.

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