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3 mistakes I’ve made at the beginning of an incident (and how not to make them)


Let’s look at three mistakes I’ve made during those stressful moments during the beginning of an incident — and discuss how you can avoid making them.

What leading Outward Bound expeditions taught me about incident management


There are a number of lessons I learned guiding weeks-long backcountry leadership courses for teens that I carried with me into my roles in incident management. In this blog post, I’ll share three that stand out.

Spotlight on Carissa Zukowski, engineering manager at FireHydrant


In this installment of our employee spotlight series on FireHydrant team members, we’d like you to meet Carissa Zukowski, the newest engineering manager on our product team.

We can’t all be Shaq: why it’s time for the SRE hero to pass the ball and how to get there


By taking some first steps away from being the hero, we can help our companies shift toward better incident management and improve things for our customers, for our teammates, and for ourselves.

FireHydrant hack week spring 2022 has shipped


One of our core values at FireHydrant is continuous improvement. Our engineering team runs bi-annual hack weeks to create space for experimentation, optimization, and building things that we’re passionate about.

When to hire an Incident Commander


Do you need a dedicated incident commander? We will explore what an incident commander is, what forms the role can take, and when you should consider the addition of a dedicated incident commander to your organization.

Spotlight on Jouhné Scott, Engineering Manager at FireHydrant


FireHydrant is proud of our leadership and we want to highlight our awesome team of engineering managers. Meet Jouhné Scott!

Spotlight on Ally McKnight, Engineering Manager at FireHydrant


FireHydrant is proud of our leadership and we want to highlight our awesome team of engineering managers. Starting off, we have Ally McKnight!

Just call us "Major Incident Software Innovation of the Year"


We won an award! The MIM Awards recognize and reward effective Major Incident Management within the global IT Major Incident Management sector - and we won the 2020 Major Incident Software Innovation of the Year!

Announcing FyreHydrant Festival and the 2021 Line-up


Announcing the first annual FyreHydrant Festival and the 2021 line-up

Spotlight on Hannah Maguire, Business Development Representative at FireHydrant


To celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we'll be spotlighting the Women of FireHydrant - this post is about Hannah Maguire, who is a business development representative.

Did Something Change About FireHydrant?


We've been giving the FireHydrant brand a little nip tuck to meet the needs of our customers and future customers. Here's an update on the journey so far.

A Look Back at 2020


2020 was, needless to say, not the best. Looking on the brighter side, this past December, FireHydrant turned 2, and in spite of it all, we grew quite a bit. See how we fared in 2020.

The Culture of the Codebase


We like to have fun when we build our product - read about how Rebecca Black's "Friday" snuck its way into our codebase.

The Old Fashioned


Bobby shares his new hobby: making craft cocktails. In this post we’re going to make a classic: The Old Fashioned.

A Gophers Guide to San Diego


The FireHydrant team is dominantly from San Diego, 3 of our 4 person team actually. We’re here to enjoy the awesome community that Go has been creating and to meet new faces. But we also wanted to give back a little with a small guide on food and drinks in Downtown San Diego.