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A single source of truth: how CircleCI got 200 engineers in lock step when it comes to incident management


By bringing in FireHydrant to help improve their incident management practices, CircleCI has created a single source of truth that has helped them onboard engineers more easily and get them comfortable declaring and managing incidents faster. 

Spotlight on Carissa Zukowski, engineering manager at FireHydrant


In this installment of our employee spotlight series on FireHydrant team members, we’d like you to meet Carissa Zukowski, the newest engineering manager on our product team.

Incident severity and priority 101


In this post we'll explain the differences between Incident severity and Incident priority as well as detail out practical levels and summaries for both.

WTF is Incident Management? Post-Panel Wrap-Up


Our panel discussion, "WTF is Incident Management," generated some great insight from a group of very experienced industry professionals.

Failover Conf 2021 Wrap-Up


Failover Conf 2021 offered great discussions about reliability practices, concepts, and culture.

Just call us "Major Incident Software Innovation of the Year"


We won an award! The MIM Awards recognize and reward effective Major Incident Management within the global IT Major Incident Management sector - and we won the 2020 Major Incident Software Innovation of the Year!

Announcing FyreHydrant Festival and the 2021 Line-up


Announcing the first annual FyreHydrant Festival and the 2021 line-up

Testing Shell Commands with the Crystal CLI


Using the Crystal programming language, you can share developer tools quickly and easily. FireHydrant's Backend Engineer extraordinaire, Jon Anderson, walks us through the steps of testing shell commands with the CLI.

Why Your APIs Should Fly First Class


In this video, FireHydrant CEO and Co-Founder, Robert Ross, shares his thoughts and experience on why putting your APIs first can be a game-changer for your business and how it can pay dividends in the long haul.

Alert Fatigue and Your Health


Alert fatigue can not only cost not only cause more errors and financially impact your business but can also be detrimental to your health. This post goes over how alert fatigue manifests and some ideas on how to combat it,

DeveloperWeek Virtual 2021 Wrap Up


We had a great time at DeveloperWeek Virtual 2021 a few weeks ago on February 17-19, 2021. The event was jam-packed with great speakers, roundtable discussions, workshops, and more - and we had a lot of fun meeting some of the 5000 attendees. 

Did Something Change About FireHydrant?


We've been giving the FireHydrant brand a little nip tuck to meet the needs of our customers and future customers. Here's an update on the journey so far.

How FireHydrant helped reduce critical incidents while creating consistency at scale


A popular health and lifestyle technology company turned to FireHydrant to help them scale their incident management processes when they were growing rapidly during the beginning of the pandemic.

Bluecore saves 30-90 minutes of time per incident using FireHydrant


Bluecore needed to automate their manual workflows to streamline their incident management processes. Learn how they were able to save time by using FireHydrant Runbooks.

How LaunchDarkly uses FireHydrant to automate incident response for scalable consistency


FireHydrant helped LaunchDarkly streamline incident management, gain more meaningful reporting, and centralize tooling.

What is SRE?


Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a practice for managing the reliability of systems. Google originally developed SRE in the early-2000s when Ben Treynor Sloss started the first SRE team, coined the name, and set the tone for the industry.

4 Questions with Jeff Smith


This is the first in a series of interviews with experts about reliability, incident response, and other related topics. We sit down with Jeff Smith from Centro to ask for his thoughts on reliability and incident management.

The Final Episode - Episode 10 of Throughput Thursdays


We made it to our final episode! Thank you to everyone that tuned in and watched Bobby get a Terraform provider up and running. We hope you enjoyed watching me through the good, bad, and ugly these past 20 or so hours.

KubeCon North America 2020 Wrap-up


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 Virtual was held online on November 18th to 20th. We had a lot of fun attending and saw a lot of great talks. Read our wrap-up below.

Configuring a Runbook - Episode 9 of Throughput Thursdays


In episode 9 of Throughput Thursdays, we work to configure a Runbook and get it to work! Watch part 1 of our two-part finale below to see what happens.

Breaking down the interface - Episode 8 of Throughput Thursdays


In episode 8 of Throughput Thursdays, we break down all the logically grouped pieces into their own interfaces and create an interface on our client that can return.

More New Terraform Resources - Episode 7 of Throughput Thursdays


In episode 7, we create resources for managing teams and severities through the Terraform provider, which means we now can now manage more of users’ FireHydrant configurations with code.

HashiConf Digital October 2020 Wrap-up


HashiConf Digital October 2020 was the second HashiConf to be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was held on October 14 and 15 on HashiCorp’s digital event platform. Read our take om HashiConf Digital October 2020.

Creating a Data Source - Episode 6 of Throughput Thursdays


In Episode 6, we update our Terraform resource for FireHydrant functionalities and create a data source for FireHydrant services. This allows us to pull services from a list and link them to functionalities. Linking resources like this lets us do a lot of cool things with Terraform.

Dastardly Disasters


Do you like spooky stories about incidents? If you do, you should check out the new streaming series called Dastardly Disasters on Snyk’s Twitch channel. The first episode aired on October 16 and featured FireHydrant’s CEO Robert (Bobby) Ross, Alyssa Miller from Snyk, and Jacob Plicque from Gremlin, sharing stories about incidents they encountered in their careers.

About Last Week: A Chaos Conf Wrap-up


That’s a wrap! We had a great time at Chaos Conf last week - from great presentations to engaging conversations in the Slack community - we were glad we could be a part of it.

Testing Our Terraform Resources - Episode 5 of Throughput Thursdays


In this episode of Throughput Thursdays, we test our Terraform resources. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

How to: Automatically Archive Incident Slack Channels using conditions in FireHydrant Runbooks


FireHydrant’s Slack integration is a great way to speed up your incident response, especially if FireHydrant Runbooks is automatically creating channels in your Slack workspace for each incident.

Adding Two Terraform Resources - Episode 4 of Throughput Thursdays


In episode 4, we were able to achieve creating two full-blown Terraform resources for FireHydrant environments and functionalities. While simple resources, they unlock a lot of power that did not exist previously for teams that want to document their infrastructure using Terraform.

Are You Going to Chaos Conf?


Things are gearing up in our preparations for Chaos Conf by Gremlin. We're sponsoring the conference -- will we see you there?

Fixing Some Code Sins - Episode 3 of Throughput Thursdays


In episode 3, we built a flexible API client for our Terraform provider that implements a really simple interface. We also wrote some simple but effective tests and replaced the original cruft in the provider code with our new API client.

Live from Cape Cod - Episode 2 of Throughput Thursdays


In Episode 2, Bobby is live in Cape Cod, sitting on a dock about 4 inches from the edge of a lake. Last week we built a skeleton of a Terraform provider. Now we’ll get the provider to create and delete resources, like services in FireHydrant.

We’re Building a Terraform Provider! - Episode 1 of Throughput Thursdays


In Episode 1, we started out the Terraform provider with a simple data resource against the FireHydrant API. We were able to successfully retrieve information about a single service and display its name in our terminal!

DevOpsDays Chicago 2020 Wrapup


DevOpsDays Chicago 2020 was held online on September 1. This is our wrap-up of DevOpsDays Chicago

KubeCon Europe 2020 Wrap-up


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 Virtual happened online, August 18-20. It was the first virtual KubeCon, due to the coronavirus pandemic. I was happy to attend, although this was the second straight virtual conference I’ve participated in that ran on Amsterdam time.

HashiConf Digital Wrap-up, June 2020


The first HashiConf Digital event was held on June 22-24, online. This is our take on the event.

On-Call and COVID-19 Survey Results


We conducted an On-Call and COVID-19 survey from April 8 to April 27, 2020 and received 141 anonymous responses. Here are the results.

Deserted Island DevOps Wrap-up


Deserted Island DevOps was held on April 30, 2020, in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was the first tech conference held in Animal Crossing, as far as I know, and was streamed live on Twitch.

Failover Conf Wrap-up


Failover Conf was held online on April 21, 2020 hosted by Gremlin. in this post, Rich Burroughs shares some of his thoughts on the event and the talks he was able to catch.

The Old Fashioned


Bobby shares his new hobby: making craft cocktails. In this post we’re going to make a classic: The Old Fashioned.

Advice for On-Call Teams During COVID-19


We sit down with experts to get their insights on handling on-call teams during COVID-19. They all have different viewpoints, but some themes emerge, like managing alerts, having empathy, and practicing self-care.

OOPS! Learning from Surprise at Netflix


Learnings from Netflix from an excellent talk from Lorin Hochstein from Spinnaker Summit 2010 called “OOPS! Learning from Surprise at Netflix.”

Q&A with Alex Hidalgo on SLOs


We sit down with Alex Hidalgo to chat about his new book.

A Gophers Guide to San Diego


The FireHydrant team is dominantly from San Diego, 3 of our 4 person team actually. We’re here to enjoy the awesome community that Go has been creating and to meet new faces. But we also wanted to give back a little with a small guide on food and drinks in Downtown San Diego.

So You Want To Give A Tech Talk?


So you’ve signed up to give a tech talk, awesome! You’re a subject matter expert in something and want to share your knowledge, that’s what helps make a community awesome. You’re going to be speaking in front of a room of people that you don’t know in a place you’ve likely never been, talking about something you confidently know. Sounds easy, right?

Monitorama 2019 Recap


We attended Monitorama and took a few notes for you to enjoy. Read the talk recaps.