FireHydrant is now on Microsoft Teams

Teams on Microsoft Teams can now use FireHydrant to manage their incidents.

Vinessa Wan

Engineering teams can now manage incidents in Microsoft Teams. You’ll have the consistent process and automation of FireHydrant right in the messaging tool you use every day. Effectively run through the entire incident response lifecycle: declare and manage incidents, collaborate with stakeholders, and resolve incidents faster when you integrate FireHydrant with Microsoft Teams.

Creating a FireHydrant Incident in MS Teams

Turn your first 30 minutes into 30 seconds

  • Declare incidents from any Teams channel
  • Automatically create dedicated incident channels, notify impacted teams, and kickoff your incident response process
  • Keep stakeholders in the loop with important updates during an incident
  • Equip your incident responders with essential information at the start of an incident

Focus on fixing, not logistics, with FireHydrant

  • Utilize best practices and consistent processes across your organization
  • Automate your incident response with the power of Runbooks
  • Post critical updates to internal or public status pages
  • Get to resolution faster

Teams from CircleCI, SeatGeek, Consensys, and many more have improved their reliability by bringing FireHydrant together with Slack, now any organization using Microsoft Teams can up their incident management game too. Learn more about our integration with Microsoft Teams here.

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